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Successful Landscape Architecture is a unique moment when Art and Science are combined to create beautiful, yet sustainable spaces for people to enjoy. It is something that all can appreciate, but it often takes an expert to accomplish.  At Terra Consulting & Design, we take great pride in the fact that we are capable of achieving this goal for our clients and we are passionate about what we do.​ 





Whether our clients need full-scale landscape renovations to the entire property, or simply need minor adjustments to a few areas, Terra Consulting & Design approaches everything in a strategic, detailed, and thoughtful manner.  It is our intention to meet the goals of the client and exceed their expectations every time. 

reclinata install

One of the primary goals of Terra Consulting & Design is to promote a positive approach toward landscaping.   We believe that when landscape issues are addressed correctly, the results can be swift and dramatic, while the financial investment can be far less than expected.  In order to ensure that these results do, in fact occur, we utilize a strong, focused, and clear line of communication with the property owner.  The foundation for this line of communication is set into place upon our first on-site meeting, continues throughout the design phase, and is maintained for the duration of the project.

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